High-performance organisations consistently outperform competitors in the areas of customer service, strategy and bottom-line. It is a constant challenge for companies to sustain a high performance reputation. Besides management accountability, technology and a strong performance management process, HR plays an integral role in influencing the human element and the company culture.

Employees are treated like they should treat clients and customers
A collaborative management style with minimal management control
Employees know what is expected of them and want to give their best
The organisation is led by principles not rules
The structure is lean and flat
Line managers are accountable
Reward systems promote achieving company objectives
Poor performance is not tolerated and is immediately addressed
Commitment to a shared vision
Results focused
In many organisations, a great deal of time and planning is put into systems, equipment and how people will deliver a product or service. Not much time and energy is spent on engaging with the people who deliver the service or make the product.