Managing people is a full time job! Managers are often not trained to be managers. They are promoted because of technical ability.

Managing people is daunting – it is a huge responsibility and that is when it is going well with a team. Add dealing with difficult people and managing poor performance and a manager could be set up for failure.

One of the main reasons for a resignation is a relationship with a manager. “People leave managers, not jobs or employers.”

A good manager motivates people, encourages co-operation and gets things done and should display the following characteristics:

– Integrity
– Self-motivation
– Technical / industry knowledge
– Positive attitude
– Problem-solving ability
– Strong communication skills

Here are ten tips for managing people effectively:

Make decisions: be decisive and find a solution quickly.
Empower people: make employees responsible for their jobs.
Set goals: for yourself and your team. Goals should be realistic and achievable.
Reward: recognition of a job well done motivates and strengthens relationships.
Develop relationships: develop warm and supportive relationships but set firm boundaries. Take a healthy interest in your employees’ lives.
Lead by example: People will recognise your authority when you work confidently and competently.
Delegate: develops employees and increases a manager’s effectiveness.
Trust: Stop micromanaging.
Value opinions: listen to ideas.
Resolve issues and take responsibility: quickly and efficiently