Pre-employment screening reduces the risk of a bad hiring decision.

Post-employment screening minimises the risk to which a company is exposed over the long term.

Regular credit and criminal checks are the only way an employer knows of changes in employee status. These are all developments which a responsible employer should be aware of in their workforce.

Any company would be very mistaken to think that screening and due diligence stops or is complete once a person has signed their contract of employment and started working. Post-employment screening allows employers to keep ahead, quantify their risk, know where and in whom their risk lies and, most importantly, it helps with the management of risk.

Organisations can benefit from best practice to ensure quality and commonality in hiring practices:
– Create a core list of background checks to use on all new hires.
– Add additional checks based on specific job duties of a new employee.
– Document and implement a screening policy for your organisation.