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Human Resources outsourcing solutions and services tailored to meet your business needs.


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360HR delivers a “full circle” of HR solutions. We provide value-added HR services that allow clients to focus on their core business.

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Our dependable reputation is built on more than 20 years HR, people and industry knowledge.

360HR has unique corporate HR, recruitment, and talent development experience. With an in-depth knowledge of HR and business integration, we are able to provide reliable advice confidently to clients and candidates.  View all our services here.

360HR | HR Outsourcing services

Our outsourcing services will take care of your employees while you attend to your core business.

360HR | HR Outsourcing services
Specialist HR recruitment

We provide a niche end-to-end contingency recruitment service, specialising in HR specific roles.

360HR | HR Outsourcing services

We conduct HR audits to ensure your business is compliant with statutory requirements.

360HR | HR Outsourcing services

Our services include disciplinary hearings, CCMA referrals, bargaining councils, wage negotiations, restructuring and retrenchments.

360HR | HR Outsourcing services

Committed to community development, social responsibility and B-BBEE and the transformation of companies in South Africa.

360HR | HR Outsourcing services

We optimise your business to attract, motivate and retain a diverse and productive workforce.

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Lara Haskins was invited to discuss women in business and how corporate companies can create a healthy balance between the workplace and parenting.
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HR does far more than just issuing payslips. Most companies only find this out when it is too late. Maybe an unfavourable award at the CCMA or a heavy fine from the Department of Labour. An HR specialist will ensure that your business is compliant in terms of all labour legislation – from up-to-date employment contracts and health and safety requirements to discipline and grievance procedures and parental leave. An HR specialist will also be able to assist with non-compliance HR interventions. Initiatives that motivate staff and make the organisation more productive. HR so often has a negative connotation as it is associated with discipline issues only. Talent acquisition is another essential aspect – bringing the right people into your business, and retaining them is key to organisational success! A dedicated HR specialist will allow an organisation to concentrate on being more productive and allow management to focus on the fundamentals that make the business profitable. Investing in your people is time-consuming! Not only the negative aspects like poor performance and incapacity but positive career development conversations and motivating the team. It requires time and energy and allows companies to align with best practice and compete as leaders in your industry. An HR specialist will take care of all people requirements.

No business has been unaffected by the Coronavirus. Some companies experienced positives, and their products and services were in demand. Many other companies have had to face retrenching staff and downsizing. There are so many talented, unemployed people looking for jobs. Employees who are still working from home want to reconnect with their jobs, their colleagues and their purpose! It is not that easy to remain optimistic and resilient, and “pandemic fatigue” is real – disillusionment, grief and exhaustion. Mental health issues have been aggravated in the workplace and at home, and many companies are not equipped to deal with employees’ mental wellness. Balancing working and caring for a household has been one of the biggest reported challenges experienced by business owners and specifically smaller businesses during the pandemic. “Living at work” not “working from home” seems to be what many people are experiencing. Employers are expected to protect their employees’ health and safety in the workplace. Updated policies, leave, flexible work hours, identifying essential employees and business functions, business continuity plans, limiting travel and dealing with infected employees at work all require time, resources, finances and attention!
Broad-based black economic empowerment is not affirmative action even though employment equity forms part of it. B-BBEE is essentially a growth strategy targeting the creation of employment and enterprise development. The policy aims to empower more black people to own and manage enterprises, change the racial composition of management structures in organisations and empower local and rural communities. The policy also promotes the development of black people through learnerships and internships. There is also a drive to increase black women managed and owned organisations.
B-BBEE benefits companies by showing clients that businesses are keeping current with transformation goals, it demonstrates commitment towards social, educational and economic development and it enhances staff motivation and boosts morale as employees realise the company’s plans to change and increase sustainability. Companies embracing B-BBEE in South Africa will have a competitive edge over other organisations who are not compliant. Compliant companies benefit from reduced prices from suppliers, a skilled workforce by investing in skills development and the option to tender for business within the public and private sectors.

Besides freeing up time for core business and ensuring your company is HR compliant, HR services in a small business could offer all of the following functions and more:

  • Talent acquisition – the success of any business is related to the quality of its employees which is related to the talent acquisition process. Talent acquisition is a long-term strategy. It is all about acquiring, developing and promoting top talent.
  • Performance management – it needs to be an ongoing process between a manager and an employee that happens regularly throughout a period and should align with organisational goals.
  • Learning and development – training and development involve improving the effectiveness of organisations by investing in the advancement of skills and knowledge of employees. There is skills development legislation that makes it an obligation to develop employees, and there are incentives offered to do this. Learnerships are an effective and simple way to upskill a workforce.
  • Industrial and labour relations – basically the relationship between employers and employees and how they interact with trade unions and other employer organisations. It sets the tone for discipline by providing a guideline for disciplinary action.
  • Mental health – now, more than ever, mental health issues in the workplace is at a high level and many companies do not (or do know how to) have the capacity to deal with it. Anxiety and depression are the most common mental health problems, and the pandemic has intensified cases at the office.
meet Lara Haskins

Our HR specialist

Lara has over 20 years diverse HR and people-related experience. She spent 15 years in corporate HR as a generalist and also a specialist in talent management, skills development, employee wellness and recruitment. Lara started 360HR at the end of 2014. She has a psychology, HR and legal background and has appeared on TV and been interviewed on radio.


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